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Teach Yourself Anything

Many people think learning stops at the end of your education but you can teach yourself anything at any age! As we age, our brains begin to move slower, we have problems remembering things and people’s names. Teaching yourself anything at all will keep your mind alert and healthy. Learning new skills retrain the brain and challenge the mind to absorb new information. The brain is like a muscle, when it follows a program of exercise, it wants to learn more and stretches to accommodate the new data. Games such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles are attributed to staving off Alzheimer’s disease and senility.

Teach yourself to play guitar or piano. Teach yourself a new language. Teach yourself computer programming, cooking or knitting. It doesn’t matter what you teach yourself, anything goes! Learning a new skill isn’t easy, it takes a lot of patience, determination and tenacity and many people become discouraged and think, “I’m too old to learn new things”. You’re never too old! The trick to learning a new skill is to have fun with teaching yourself. Teach yourself anything fun! If it is fun for you to learn Japanese, then you can teach yourself Japanese.

Part of teaching yourself anything is knowing where to look for resources to help you learn your new skill. If you wanted to teach yourself how to bowl, you’d go to a bowling alley, right? There are unlimited resources online that will connect you to real-life people who can help you teach yourself anything you want. With the growing global internet presence, you are bound to find someone who can help. If you’re passionate about cultivating a beautiful vegetable garden, you will be able to find resources online, or even in your local library, where you can get assistance to teach yourself gardening.
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