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Teach Yourself Accounting
Though accounting was a mystery for many of us during school, but now, most of us felt a need of learning this mysterious subject. But, if you have desire to learn, then keep in mind, there is no substitute for hard work. While studying accounting, you will find that Accounting is certainly not a mystery, and is easy to learn. Studying this subject is different from studying history, sociology or economics. The major secret to learning accounting is remembering that it is a cumulative study subject based on the first five chapters. Each learning objective builds on the previously learned concepts and procedures. The accounting books are condensed where every sentence is important.

The accounting course is organized so that you learn the most fundamental concepts and procedures first, then you will be required to build on these concepts and procedures. To learn accounting, you must master the first five chapters. These fiver chapters are the basis for the next sixteen chapters. If you run into difficulty, it is generally because you have either forgotten the earlier material or have not learned it well enough to move forward. Try to explain every new topic in your words. Go back to previous chapters and notes to refresh your memory. Rework problems that were difficult for you.
Financial-Accounting-Introduction-Concepts-Methods Schaums-Easy-Outline-Accounting-Lerner Financial-Accounting-Carl-S-Warren
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