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Teach Yourself Banjo
The banjo is a very complex string instrument that is difficult to play. It takes much time, patience and perseverance to master this instrument. There are many different styles of banjos. Some have four, five, or more strings. A typical banjo has five strings, a tailpiece and a moveable bridge. If you want to learn banjo then practice a lot and with few tips, you can definitely learn banjo. Choose a style for you. There are various styles of finger picking and strumming to choose from: frailing, 3-finger picking, single string and chord melody. You should warm up with scales and practice drills. Until you do them at a quick rhythm with smooth transition between the notes, repeat them over and over again.

You can also use resources like books and Internet. A good book should include how to tune, chord exercise and a few basic songs. It should also include an audio CD. The book demonstrates different styles of picking and strumming. Listen to a lot of banjo music. It also helps to watch the music live or on DVD so that you can see as well as hear the techniques. Find a good music teacher. If serious about playing the banjo, it is important to learn the basics correctly. A teacher can give feedback on what is being done correctly or incorrectly.
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