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Teach Yourself Chinese
Chinese language is as interesting and beautiful as the Chinese people. There are many people who want to learn Chinese language, culture and more. It is really fun to learn Chinese. Grammatically Chinese is very easy and there is a lot of logic in the language and the Chinese Characters. There is no alphabet in Chinese, and instead of words; there are characters. A character could be a word or a part of a word. Normally a word consists of two or more characters. The Chinese characters have changed their forms during history but they are probably around 8000 years old. Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language.

In Chinese there is no tenses. Every Chinese word can have only one form. This language has many different dialects. Cantonese is one of them. People in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. In main land China they speak a dialect called mandarin. Everywhere in China the characters are the same. Taiwan and Hong Kong still uses the old traditional Chinese Characters. There are about 20.000 characters in a normal Chinese word processor. However, to be able to read, you have to know about 2000 characters. This is normally enough for reading a Chinese newspaper or a normal book and understand most of its contents. For learning Chinese language, first level is the hardest to learn. When you have reached the first level of understanding of the language you will find that you learn much faster and things feel easier. You will then feel that you understand the characters, the grammar, how to use the characters in new words and much more.
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