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Teach Yourself Kenjutsu
Kenjutsu was created in Japan in the 15th century. This military art form was primarily designed to prepare samurai, as well as ordinary soldiers for combat on the battlefield. Kenjutsu is mainly the practice of swordsmanship. But in some styles the practice of other battlefield-related weapons is also an integral part of this military art form. At the simplest level, it can be viewed as a collection of combat techniques for various weapons, most notably the sword. A practitioner of kenjustu is called a kenjutsuka. Kenjutsu is an art that is concerned with realistic sword technique application, learning to fight with the sword in a real-life context.

In traditional martial arts, no other weapon has held the status of the sword. It is the center of training for the majority of the arts. Kenjutsu may be studied as a separate art or as a subordinate art of another major system. In terms of skills, few weapons require the demands of swordsmanship. The sword moves much faster than the fastest person, the skill in timing and judgment will benefit the Martial Artist in all other aspects of their training. Kenjutsu can be practiced with wooden swords, real swords or bamboo swords depending on the style. Kenjutsu can involve study of a variety of weapons, which may include: spear, staff, short sword short, halberd, short staff, and etc. Kenjutsu movement can be can be linear or circular or any combination of the two, depending on the style. For the beginners, it is advised to practice kenjutsu under trained kenjutsu practitioner.
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