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Teach yourself Russian
Are you planning a trip to Russia and you want to teach yourself Russian? A good way to learn any new language is to immerse yourself in the culture of the country. Taking classes, using audio books and CDs and involving yourself in Russian cultural activities in your area will help you to teach yourself Russian.

When you begin to teach yourself Russian, you’ll want to have all relevant Russian language information that you can find and have the time to read. Learning any new subject, language or skill takes time and you want to remember that you are teaching yourself something new. Whether you desire to teach yourself Russian for business or pleasure, remember that it is a challenge and know in advance that it isn’t an easy task to learn a new language and you should be proud of yourself for even trying. Of course, you’re going to want to use your new skills in real life when you teach yourself Russian. If you can plan a trip to Russia, this provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice the Russian that you have learned. Most people are very understanding of non-native speakers and especially Americans who try out any language other than English.

Because English is spoken all over the world, many English-speaking people don’t take the time to learn a new language since it is not necessary for world communication. Learning a new language is about more than learning words and phrases so you can get around in a foreign country. When you teach yourself Russian, you are teaching yourself about the history of Russian culture and the Russian way of thinking. Teaching yourself any new language requires patience, practice and tenacity so don’t give up! The rewards of teaching yourself Russian or any foreign language will improve your life experience and open up your mind to new ideas and thoughts.
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