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Teach yourself Spanish
So you want to teach yourself Spanish but you don’t know how to start. Making the decision to teach yourself a new language requires patience, practice, dedication and immersion. In order to teach yourself Spanish, it’s a good idea to gather as much information about the Spanish language and Spanish culture as you can. Buying books, listening to audio CDs, taking a class and joining a study group are all good ways to teach yourself Spanish.

Spanish is second only to English in the United States and the primary language of the Americas and Spain. There is no doubt that if you teach yourself Spanish you will be able to use your new skill right away. When you consider a program of language learning, find one that is right for you. Many self-teaching courses online, in books or classes will use visual cues and word groupings that are practical and use memorization techniques that are fun and manageable so that you immediately see results.

As words and phrases begin to stick in your mind when teaching yourself Spanish, get out in the world and practice using them. Travel to places where Spanish is spoken or notice how often Spanish is spoken in your neighborhood. If you live in a metropolitan city, there will be many chances to use your new Spanish words and don’t be afraid to ask ¿Dónde está el baño? if you have the opportunity. You will feel proud of yourself and confident when you muster up the courage to allow the words to come out of your mouth. The biggest challenge of teaching yourself Spanish or any other language is getting into the habit of using the language in real life. It may feel embarrassing at first but the more you try, the better you will get and you may just make some new friends with your new Spanish skills!
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