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Teach Yourself Statistics
If binomials, proportions, distributions, baffle you, then it is time when you can look forward to teach yourself statistics. It is a subject of great interest and brainwork if perceived correctly and there are times in our lives when we like to go back to it for the challenge and fun involved in the learning process. This is the time to teach yourself statistics. With determination, practice and patience supported by the right kind of resources on the subject, statistics is a subject which will help you in many ways.

Statistics is a subject which many of us hated the first time around and that is why when considering it teaching yourself it is essential to remember a few important aspects. To begin with, remember to determine your skill level as it helps you to decide where to start with. A certain level of pre-requisite with statistics helps you to start finding the essential resources on it. Internet is the place wherein you can find lots of resources on the subject refreshing your skill level. Second important step is to look for teach yourself books on statistics. Like other resources these books are also widely available giving you choice options. Once you find a good book, it is time to chalk out a study schedule, as most of the books have a pattern of learning which can be of 30-40 minutes everyday. Practice is the key to attain the skills in the subject and that is why look for a book that has enough examples and exercises to solve.
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