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Teaching Yourself Visually
An excellent way to teach yourself anything is to teach yourself visually. Many people like you have a difficult time teaching themselves out of a book or sitting in a classroom situation, perhaps school and studying was never your “thing”. If you are someone like this and you think that it is too difficult to teach yourself anything new, try teaching yourself visually. Humans are visual creatures, our daily experience involves a great deal of looking at and noticing things.

Advertisements, television, computers, movies and photographs are constant visual stimulation in our daily lives. Teaching yourself visually uses acquired observation skills and puts them to good use by educating our minds with something new. For many people, the process of teaching yourself a new skill can be accelerated by teaching yourself visually through video DVDs or videos online.

When we see a visual picture of something, our minds put the words or actions together with a photograph or visual representation of the word or action. This gives the brain extra information that we wouldn’t have if it was learned from text in a book. If you want to learn how to speak a new language, using visual flashcards or other visual stimuli will provide you with a greater opportunity for the new knowledge to stick in your mind. If you see a picture of a “house” when learning the word for “house” in another language, you will not only have a visual picture of the word but your brain will also have more opportunity to trigger your memory to remember the style of the house, where the image of the house was located and other details such as the door, windows, roof and lawn. Having a complete image when you teach yourself visually offers you a higher chance of retaining the new information.
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